Apr 21 2014

easter eggs

left some easter eggs for your listening pleasures…find them here:

in case you’ve already bought and downloaded the album – just use the provided download-link to get your updates :)

this will be the final album ….kikai will be quiet for a long time…sorting stuff and readjusting the project.
a heartful thank you for your ongoing support – we will never forget.

Sep 1 2013


finally received my copy of “i dream of wires” – a marvellous documentary about the past 40 years of modular synthesizers, their inventors and users.
Undoubtedly this is a great project and i really do hope to see more :)


Mar 28 2013

opportunity: special releases

downloading music is smart – we know.
but some still like having something to hold, turn and flip around – physical media.

we really appreciate all downloads but to honour the latter we decided to add some special releases to our shop.
actually you can find four releases – limited editions :)

pricing is considered fair – and you’ll get two for one: buy the limited edition and get the downloadable album for free.

well then – hurry up: first come, first serve :)

source: http://music.iamkikai.de

Mar 29 2011

iTunes & Ping

if you’re a ping- and/or an itunes-user please check the following:

Kikai Ping-profile


besides two additional albums are available on itunes per today:

1) Time Trilogy

2) Progress