May 13 2014

note regarding soundcloud

due to massive copyright infringements on soundcloud – blaming their poor programmed api – i’ve decided to crop all published tracks by resonable amount. Still long enough to catch a glimpse and drop a comment or like – but way to short to be distributed on illegal and non-authorized channels.
i deeply regret this move as i fancied the soundcloud approach when they came up years ago.
anyway you can always get the full-length HQ-versions/albums via this link.
thank you,

Apr 21 2014

easter eggs

left some easter eggs for your listening pleasures…find them here:

in case you’ve already bought and downloaded the album – just use the provided download-link to get your updates :)

this will be the final album ….kikai will be quiet for a long time…sorting stuff and readjusting the project.
a heartful thank you for your ongoing support – we will never forget.

Apr 18 2014

happy easter

have a great weekend and a fabulous time :)


Mar 23 2014


pre-order your downloadable copy of our new album ‘0123’.

just to let you know: this will be the last album published by kikai as it’s now.
i will post details later this month…stay tuned….

let me thank you for your ongoing support during the past years – it was big fun riding the electronic ambient train and your feedback was and is very much appreciated.